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Re: The First Meeting [Hunter and Mika]
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Mika blushed slightly at the kiss on her forehead.  "I will have to learn to better see the clues in my surroundings I guess.  I do have a habit of  putting myself in harms way." she sighed lightly.  She thought about what he said about hiding her light in the darkness.  "I guess that should be possible.  Is it possible to hide your soul and mask it with your blood if that is pure darkness."

She looked back in his eyes, "I could never forget you again Hunter.  I'm mad I forgot you in the first place.  Of course I'll visit you in my dreams, until I figure out how to hide my soul.  My guess is the light angel soul that resides in my heart is probably what its drawn too."  She sighed, looking at him intently.
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