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He laid his face in her hand, kissing the palm. "I'm glad you came too, but I don't like that you've found yourself in danger because of it." He gathered her hand into his own. "Don't worry, little angel. I'll find a safe way to get you out. And I can find you in your dreams.

I don't want you to come back here again. Not while it wants you. Not if you can't hide the sweet light of you. He'll take that light. That's what he wants. Creatures of shadow always wish to dim the brightest flames."
There was an ease in the way he touched her. As if it were perfectly natural.

Somewhere in his mind and in his eyes, there was a spark of clear disbelief that he was being accepted so readily. She hadn't been the only one who'd ever felt lonely or unwanted. Deep inside, part of him was shocked that she offered touch or that she desired his own, at all. He does not surrender her hand, unless she removes it from his.