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He lifted a hand to tuck a lock of her hair away from her face, smiling slightly. "The brightest lights shine for others, little angel. You don't see your light, but someone should be reminding you that it's there, always. You shine so beautifully in the dark." His hand dropped back to his side, his fingers rubbing over one another as if the feel of her hair still lingered, and he wanted to keep it. "You are, and will ever be beautiful to someone who truly sees you."

He arched a brow, and asked her rhetorically, "What's fair, sweet angel? This world is continually proving that such things as fair, at least in the way our minds view it, doesn't exist. Don't bemoan it. Only realize it and face it.

My day and existence was made brighter that you found your way here. Somewhere, the scales are trying to balance. I watched you leave for a new life, and had my own taken. But the wheel spun you back to me. It's miraculous, in it's way."
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