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His lips twisted into a bitter snarl. "Those little monsters tormented an innocent girl because she was different. I think they're the last ones whose judgement is secure." He spat. "Their cruelty is something I will never be able to forget."

His tone softened, and his face smoothed out, coming back to a sweeter visage while he looked at her. "Of course I protected you. And I would have never dreamed of fearing you. You were far too sweet, too gentle. Even despite what they did to you.

You were like this little angel, wings a little dirty from whatever hell you'd dragged yourself out of, trying to stand against thrown stones and kicking feet. I couldn't let them try and destroy that light or let them remove the wings that would take you above them. You deserved better."
He realized exactly how poetic and sappy he'd gotten and shook his  head.

"My poetics pale, however. You were worth it, little one. I...hope you never doubt that. As for how I got here? I got sick. I died here." He said simply.