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Re: The First Meeting [Hunter and Mika]
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Mika's eyes widened slightly.  His touch was so light, and he kept calling her little angel.  It was still so soothing.  She could see him now.  He had never spoken to her much, but he was one of the few, if not the only one she could remember who never had said cruel things to her.  He had never beaten her up like the others, and he hadn't recoiled at the sight of her.  She shook her head lightly and stared deeply into his eyes again, as if that was the source of all her memories.  "You were nice to me." she said quietly, "You didn't run away when the freak came into the room like the others did."  She placed her hand lightly over her mouth, "You were the one that came in to bring me food on the bad days I had when they wouldn't let me out of the room, thinking I'd hurt the normal children."  A few tears had formed in the corners of her eyes.  "I can't believe I forgot." She sighed lightly, "I guess that's what happens when your father comes back into your life telling you you're a monster, and tries to destroy anything you have left of what you've come to know as yourself."  She said this sadly, not fully understanding how it was so easy to share with him.  A confused look crossed her face slightly, "How did you end up here?" she asked.
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