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He gazed at her, one of his hands lifting to place a gentle index finger under her chin. "Never lower your eyes that way, little angel. Not for me. You never have to." He said, once her eyes were back on his. He folded his arms across his chest, preparing to answer her questions.

"Yes. You do know me. I'm sorry that so much has happened that it's crowded out other memories, but I imagine yours of the orphanage were not pleasant. So, if they remain cloudy and you're happier, it's not so bad." He shrugged his shoulders. He opened his hands, as if offering something to her.

"I was there with you. I tried to protect you, when I could. You likely don't remember, or never realized that I stood as a guardian for you as often as I could, but I didn't want to intrude on you. So I didn't speak much or often." His eyes were serious, and focused on her face. It's a little intense, that look. It's flattering, as well, to have someone so intent upon your expression and words.
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