Author Topic: The First Meeting [Hunter and Mika]  (Read 950 times)

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Re: The First Meeting [Hunter and Mika]
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Mika nodded softly, "It's okay, if staying here keeps us from anything particualy unpleasant I don't mind."  Mika took a deep breath as she realized she was staring into his eyes again.  "Hunter?" she started quietly, "I know you don't I?  I know I do." she was convinced.  "You smell like the orphanage, and everything about you seems, so familiar, so safe."  her heart was pounding a bit.  "It's like my head has been in a fog for weeks, ever since I started remembering before the orphanage."  Her eyes found the floor as she looked down ashamed of herself.  Ashamed her deteriorated mental state as of late was making even the memories she was sure of hazy.  "I'm sorry that I have to ask you to make sure my feelings are right, and my mind isn't just playing tricks on me again."
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