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Re: The First Meeting [Hunter and Mika]
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Footsteps pattered in a hallway behind them, but out of view. The fact that they're loud enough to be heard didn't bode well. A thing Hunter seems to realize. He recognizes whatever it is. He isn't alarmed enough for it to be the big baddie. But he's still not precisely happy.

He moves to a door located off the hallway, opening it and pulling Mika inside. It's a closet. Dark and silent. Those footsteps were coming closer. But the door was shut tight. In an odd movement, she's pulled between his body and the wall, his form creating a shelter for her more petite one. He does not touch her inappropriately, and actually keeps the contact extremely chaste, despite the very intimacy of how they stood.

The reason for this is clear when the door opens. Whatever it was looked inside, audibly sniffing. Mika had a minute to wonder how it couldn't see them. Somewhere in the back of her mind, the way that he is shielding her now is so familiar, moreso than any other thing he's done. His leaf green eyes gazed down at her. Something in his scent is familiar. He smells of the forest, crisp and woodsy. Cedar, sandelwood and a touch of spice beneath it.