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Hunter stepped through the door, and the moment he cleared to the other side of it, his form changed. No longer a little boy of 7 or 8 with a teddy bear, he became a man of 20 with a firearm that didn't look wholly substantial. Mika could guess that it wouldn't harm her, but another ghost? If he knew how to use it, he could certainly take one out. Or a dozen.

He's dressed in dark jeans and a vaguely torn up long sleeved green sweater. It looks like this shirt has seen it's run ins with a blade of some sort. Most of the rips are on the arms, aside from one, which is centered over his abdomen.

He stands approximately 5'10, his black hair offset by piercing leaf green eyes. He has the remnants of a tan, the same way he'd had when he'd died. He looked rangy and lean. He also appeared honed down the way a fighter would be.

He steps in front of her, moving to act as a shield for her nearly automatically, peering this way and that down the halls. After a moment of listening and his eyes looking deeply, he gives a nod. "All is quiet. We can move on now." It's clear he's waiting to see her reaction to what just happened. The man wondered if she even remembered him.
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