Author Topic: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)  (Read 1487 times)


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Re: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)
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Homura sat in silence as he spoke, taking in his words.  She felt his hand tighten on hers then go slack.  She heard every word as it settled into her.  She felt everything then pain in his chest and then nothing.  She felt vacant, emotionally numb.

She looked back into his eyes hers mirroring his.  Her voice quiet.  "You wouldn't have lost me to him.  I would have made my choice regardless.  I'll be stronger.  I'm sorry a moment of worry is a loss."  She put the pendant she made for him back in his hand.  She had given it to him, and its meaning wouldn't change.  She still wanted him to be warm, for him to have it.  She pulled back slightly shifting back to that fox sized form of hers, and watched the snow accumulate on the ground.  She looked at him again, "I'm sorry."  She knew they were both hurting but had started to shut down.  Time was needed, by both.
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