Author Topic: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)  (Read 1487 times)


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Re: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)
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Homura squeezed his hand as he squeezed hers on instinct.  She bit her lip lightly as she listened to his words.  A deep sigh escaped her.  "You need me to be strong.  How do you want me to do that?  Should I pretend that none of this affects me, that none of it hurts?  Should I turn a smiling face to the world as I act as if none of this has happened?"  She searched his tear stained face for his response.  A few tears rolled down her own cheek.  She was looking for answers.  How did he expect her to handle this?

She played lightly with the edge of her dress.  "You didn't mean for this to happen, didn't mean for me to doubt.  But words cut deep, and they hurt.  To be treated like and spoken to like something no better than a common pet, to be told that I'm little more than a beast masqurading around as a human."  Her gaze settled on her hand, knowing what lay beneath the flesh exterior and sighed.  "I don't want to ever have cause to doubt you, just like I don't want to give you cause to doubt.  You know that I love you, but I can't just dust myself off and pretend like nothing was ever said."  She watched him, waitng for his response.  Knowing she'd feel every ounce of what he felt.
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