Author Topic: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)  (Read 1487 times)

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Re: Reasons to Leave (open, snowing, night)
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The webs? Cut. By Ren's tanto. He stood in front of Homura, silent. Deadly. With his sword pointed at Bii, he walked towards her, knowing she wouldn't actually hurt him. Wait.. Yes she would. Anyway, he walked towards her, his sword poking her throat.

"What did I tell you? I told you, that if you touch her, I'll kill you myself. Now. Either, make that **** spider go away, or I kill myself." Yes. He said that right. He said, now holding the blade to his throat. Bii would know that he was serious. Homura would know that he wasn't. Ren? Ren was just trying to get control of the situation.
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