Author Topic: My Favorite Mistake [closed/private Kaya/Haro/Miles 8/18 eve]  (Read 2087 times)

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Since this entire mess had started, for the first time, the tears that came to her eyes were not of sadness, but of joy. She walked to him, so much taller than she was, but no less stubborn for being tiny.

Pulling his forehead down to hers, she whispered to him, "Then I'll be happy with you, little spider. I love you always. Time is nothing." She kissed him, a full kiss. Yes, this one hurt, something she gritted her teeth through. She let him go, stepping back.

He was the first to go. Into the other timeline for his happy ending. Kaya was next, her memory wiped of all that had happened. She went back to the house, finding it set to rights.

The Fates left Haro standing before them. "Anything you'd like to say before we start?"
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