Author Topic: My Favorite Mistake [closed/private Kaya/Haro/Miles 8/18 eve]  (Read 1554 times)

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Kaya thought for long minutes. This, who she was now, was dark where he was concerned. The little goddess asked her question softly. "But I thought you wanted another chance to be happy? Wasn't that what you said? I have the perfect solution."

She looked him in the eye. "Why don't we make sure you remember all of this. Remember what you've done. So that you don't do it again." She said softly. "But I...I want my innocence back. I want to believe what I once did. That the man I loved wouldn't ever do something like that to me. That he loved me, believed in me, trusted me." She closed her eyes, and took a breath.

When they opened, she hissed the words of a song at him. "I want my innocence, and if you can't give it to me, I will cut you down, and I will run you through. With the dagger you sharpened on my body and soul, before you slit me in two, and then devoured me whole. I want my innocence back.

And I demand, you put my heart back in my hands, and wipe it clean of the mess you made of me. And I require you make me free from this desire, and when you leave, I better be the innocent I used to be."
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