Author Topic: My Favorite Mistake [closed/private Kaya/Haro/Miles 8/18 eve]  (Read 1542 times)

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Eyes hooded, she watched the Fates. She moved to the astral Miles, kissing his cheek. She looked sad. "She's lucky, your goddess. She made the choice I should have." Kaya doesn't understand that it's her he dreamed about.

Kaya moved over, stiffly, to Haro. She looked down at him, and for once, he didn't see the daughter of a love goddess. He saw death, ice, glacial, frozen emotion. This woman didn't have a heart to speak of. But she could remember when she did. And it made her sink into a place of cold rage.

"Tell me why I should trust myself with you again. You took my innocence, took my faith, my purity, and you tore it apart! You spat on it, ripped it to pieces and then pissed all over it. Tell me why I should believe you'd want a dirty ****?" She spit at him, eye glittering sharp and hard.

"You never believed in me. Never believed anything. You've wanted me to be something I'm not. I'm not a human. I'm not a mortal. No mortal could go through that and be standing. I will never change! I shouldn't have to. I loved you as you were. I never asked you to be different. Yet, at every turn, you demanded it of me. Screw that." She told him, spitting on the ground.

"Make your case, and tell me why I should do this again? What will change? I won't let you rip me apart again. You never truly knew me. Because you never wanted to. Do you actually still believe in us?"
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