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Kaya gave a final sob, before her hands opened, a light shining from her. His body was shrouded, and then it disappeared in a brilliant flash. She stood. She as covered in blood. She appeared to be a blood spattered angel. She was cramping, in pain, but it was nothing like the sea of pain inside her. A heart in ash. A spirit tattered. Humanity shredded.

She stood straight, looking at the three. "Enough riddles. Tell us what you want us to know. I'm fed up. And killing one of you seems like a great way to die. So talk." Her voice as very final. Very dead. And very frigid. Her eyes ere as beautiful and as lifeless as her voice.

The Fates spoke as one. "Three choices. The Spider to another timeline. You will have your goddess. Or you may rest in the Elysian Fields. The swordsman and the goddess. To have all of this unwoven. To be happy once more. To have the past three days unwoven, but remember the rest? But your threads cannot be parted.

Once joined with the goddess' none other than interweave. None other can have her. Or you both can choose never to have met one another. Yet remain twined."
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