Author Topic: My Favorite Mistake [closed/private Kaya/Haro/Miles 8/18 eve]  (Read 2011 times)

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Kaya's movement, her footsteps were precise. She'd thrown herself over Miles, the demonic sword piercing her body. Straight through her body. It cut like butter. Her form took most of the blow, but Miles still takes some of it. Instead of quick death, he'd die slow.

Light blew out from Kaya's body, forcing the sword out of the two of them, and  unbalancing Haro. Her own eyes were slate grey, a sunburst of virulent gold and green around her pupil. He's seen these eyes. Once.

Her hands grasped Haro's head, as that inhuamn gaze bore into his. "See what you've done. See what you murdered." His mind fills with every happy memory they had. Their first night, their first kiss, their first date. Every good memory. The past flashed by in his head. And he could feel just how much she'd loved him. Just how lucky she'd thought she was. He was seeing it all with the clarity of an immortal's memory. And feeling it all from her perspective.

And he reached the past week, watched her refuse to denounce any of what she'd done to the Fates, heard her choose him, and tell Miles to forget her. She'd cried for him. But had still chosen Haro. Even as they wrestled, it was innocent, the playing of puppies. And her genuine gladness to see him at the door turned to confusion.

The chase, his accusations, her feelings of betrayal. wondering how to prove her innocence. Her faithfulness. Her loyalty. Feeling crushed inside that, at every turn, her being a goddess seemed to be something horrid, no matter how humane she tried to be.

Her sinking sensation of worthlessness. Her anger, her abject hurt today, walking in the woods. He watches her cry, feels the scrape of her skin against the bark, the burn, as she slid down the tree, crying over him. Hears the words dirty **** echoing through his head. Come to find, she'd only ever been his.

He can now say he knows her head as well as his own. And has felt love bloom and wither inside her. Because of him. That voice, the ocean echoed in it, whispered to him. "You've killed what you had, you've killed the love, the hope, and the life. Congratulations, Ares." She went to her knees, no longer bleeding from the wound in her stomach, but now bleeding for other reasons.
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