Author Topic: My Favorite Mistake [closed/private Kaya/Haro/Miles 8/18 eve]  (Read 2087 times)

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There were few who could match Kaya for ice when she'd truly reached the end of her temper. And you couldn't really hide yourself from the empath. She felt that she had hurt him. The part that had bled from her own sense of betrayal called for more blood, but another part of her that was quickly being drowned out drove the knife and twisted it just as deeply into her heart.

She was tied to this man. And it killed her to hurt him. But he seemed absolutely cold to her own pain. He just kept bleeding her. And even she'd strike out when hurt. "At least I know how much your word means. I know how little I should have believed you. You love me. You need me. You'll never leave. You understand. Lies. Every bit of it." She said coldly.

"I should have made a different choice. I was so sure I'd chosen correctly. Now, come to find, you weren't here to be Prince Charming. I shouldn't have ever lain with you. I should have chosen Miles." She said finally, softly.
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