Author Topic: Moutain path [8\8] ( mika and shinji only)  (Read 955 times)

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Re: Moutain path [8\8] ( mika and shinji only)
« on: August 08, 2012, 04:54:31 pm »
Mika squeezed his hand back.  She knew how he felt, but it was always nice to hear it.  His ability to doom the world to be with her frightened her a bit, somethings were beyond ones control.  She locked her eyes on his.  "I know you would." She brushed her fingers lightly through his hair.  She looked serious for a moment.  "Do you remember what happened right before you were in the underworld?" she knew she'd had this question before, if he didn't remember he didn't remember, but it was worth asking again. 

Her eyes still reading serious she took a breath, "What would you do if the situation had been reversed?  What if it was me in the underworld?  I'm not asking if you're willing.  I know you are.  Would you be able to handle the Gods challenges, not promise something you couldn't give."  She had been wrestling with her own limits since her talk with Kaya a while back.  What if she had come against something she couldn't do because of her foolish words.  What if her blind love had lead her down a path she couldn't come back from.  The thought had scared her, and it scared her about Shinji too.
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