Author Topic: Moutain path [8\8] ( mika and shinji only)  (Read 955 times)

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Re: Moutain path [8\8] ( mika and shinji only)
« on: August 08, 2012, 04:15:53 pm »
Mika let her head fall on his shoulder again as she recalled the dream.  "I believe I was in the Hall of the Fates." she thought back to the later conversation with Kaya.  "We were there to keep us from prying ears and eyes.  She knew who I was, and knew of my past and the state I was in.  She wanted me to put the pieces together, to help see the pathways to my future." she said quietly twisting a lock of hair around her finger.  Her eyes were focused in the distance as if she were searching for the answers to the dream again.

She took a breath and continued.  "I told her what had been going on.  That you were missing, but not only missing, but I felt like you were gone.  That I couldn't feel you anywhere.  She then asked me what I would go through to get you back.  Asked if i would solve any riddle, walk through fire, brave any element.  Asked if I would look death in the eye, gladly take a bite of the poison apple to see you again."  She paused for a moment.  "I told her I would do anything to get you back.  She seemed to pause at that, asking me if love would keep me alive, reminding me love is blind and makes us foolish."  She sighed lightly. 

"I told her that wasn't going to stop me, that I would still brave the elements to get you back.  I believe I said something about how you are always protecting me and I wanted to do the same.  She seemed slightly amused by that, mentioning that women can protect their loved ones, that we are capable of bearing pain as well.  She told me it was time to become the Queen," she paused slightly, "for my Black king."  The terms black queen, black king, and black knight had become common place in her mind by now.  "She told me to seek an ambassador to lead me down there, by the name or Lorelei, who would lead me down to the underworld, and that I would need payment.  Then she was gone, with that being all she could tell me."  Mika finally stopped, and looked Shinji in the eyes.
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