Author Topic: Face to Face, Toe to Toe [closed, 8/16]  (Read 1015 times)

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Re: Face to Face, Toe to Toe [closed, 8/16]
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:55:31 am »
Her eyes lowered. "You weren't supposed to know that I'd done that. I just...couldn't let you continue on with an injury I gave you. I had to fix it, especially if you were to forget me." She took his hand, lifting his arm, and placing a kiss over the mark she'd given him. "Even this disappeared. It was suppressed to give you a fair chance." She cradled his hand in her lap between both of her small ones.

"I was offered the same choice, but I didn't want to forget you. But I was glad you chose to. I wanted so badly for you to be able to. That maybe you could be happy, and content. Find someone meant for you, and not be hung up on the storm that blew through and screwed you up." Her mouth quirked into a small smile, trying to joke, and not succeeding.

She traced over his hand with her fingertips softly. It gave her something to focus on, something safe. Looking into his eyes could be bad, right then. Too much was written there in her eyes to be read.
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