Author Topic: Face to Face, Toe to Toe [closed, 8/16]  (Read 1015 times)

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Re: Face to Face, Toe to Toe [closed, 8/16]
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:29:27 am »
She led him to the bed, sitting on it, and gesturing him to sit and face her. "First, yes I meant it. I meant everything I told you. Little spider, I am disaster. I didn't know the details of what the Fates had done before I was born until it was after the fact. I don't regret my choice, and I love Haro. But I love you, as well. As much, as deeply." She sighed out her breath, chin falling to her chest.

"All they did was curse me, they didn't change what I am. And I'm tied to and pulled to you both. Bonded even before either magicks came into play. The ring was the symbol of exactly what I can't have. What I can't give. And it hurt. I'm sorry I ran. It was a hundred times worse than believing you'd forgotten me." Her hands came up, scrubbing over her face. Her face reflects that those wounds haven't healed, they've only just stopped bleeding, so to speak.
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