Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1391 times)


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Elliot blinked in embarrassed surprise at how quickly and easily Lya had latched on to the idea and ended up scratching the back of his head glancing away from the No Moon. The teen knew from experience that the impish look on her face couldn't bode well, but being worried about Lya and being a man, he couldn't back out now.

"It'd be no problem at all," he said looking back at her with a smile, "go ahead and grab anything you might need. I'll be waiting here. Oh! and take these guys with you-," he takes Georgie off of his shoulder and places him on hers while motioning that Ventus and Aqua stay with her, "just in case you need any help; you can't be too careful and in the meantime, they could probably help you pack!"

 The teen tilted his head a bit smiling at Lya. Even though he risked both of them getting into trouble, not to mention the fact that she was staying with him in the first place, he was still glad that she was going to be staying with him tonight... and possibly a few nights more... Depending on her of course.
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