Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1569 times)


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Elliot took note of this, secretly smiling at her glad she didn't seem to be troubled. Once his laughter ceased, the teen leaned forward and ruffled the chicks feathers a bit. "She's right you know, perv," he said with a grin. The chick blinked looking abashed before turning away pouting. This caused the teen to chuckle once more and, for some reason, reach up and ruffle Lya's hair a bit too. Normally, this was something Elliot would NEVER do, yet he had did so twice this evening. This time because he was still so euphoric about the kissing that he didn't feel the wrist snap that he'd normally expect if he did such a thing.

"I'm glad your feeling better too though, I was worried about you" Was what he almost said, but not wanting to make the No Moon uncomfortable at all, the teen changed his words right before he spoke them.

"W-well, that was exciting right?" He said stuttering a bit at the beginning due to the last second change of words, "but it's really getting late. We should get out of here. Need me to walk you home?" Elliot stood as he spoke dusting himself off before stretching. Due to him mentioning the make-out session they just had, he was blushing again slightly as he offered his hand to help Lya up, but he didn't bother to hide it; he no longer felt the need to.

"C'mon, let's get out of here. Unless, you'd rather stay a bit longer and chat?" Elliot added the last bit as an afterthought. It really was getting late, but he didn't want to make Lya feel rushed if she had something else to say.
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