Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1396 times)


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When Lya broke the embrace and looked at Elliot, his face was still too red to hide and one could almost see smoke rising from his ears. Still dazed, the teen looked at the No Moon in confusion before he realized what her realization meant and his heart skipped a beat turning even redder.

"Err... umm... y-you see... umm...," the teen stammered faliling as though trying to grasp some reason, some excuse for the feelings he was sure Lya now knew about, but to no avail as his mind was now blank, whiled clean by the hurricane of emotions that devastated it a few moments ago.

After a few more moments of flailing wordlessly, the teen stopped sighing as his blush somehow deepened. Unconsciously, the boy took on a very feminine and submissive posture tucking his legs beneath him and letting his hands fall into his lap. His eyes firmly glued to the ground looking up every now and again to steal a glance at Lya's face as though looking for something. After a few tense moments, the boy opened his mouth. And after 1 more,, he spoke.

"I... I guess I can't hide it anymore huh... I suppose you already know now... how I feel about you...," he asked slowly, carefully, as though he were walking through a minefield. Again, he glanced over at her every now and then looking for the barest hint of a reaction on her face. At the moment, he couldn't read her at all. Or perhaps, maybe he was over reading her...
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