Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1396 times)


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Elliot blinked, eyes widening as his face slowly turns a deep shade of red. For a moment, the teen was totally frozen as though he wasn't going to do anything, then his arms slowly raised and wrapped around Lya in response. Pressed up against his neck, the woman would be able to hear and feel his heart beat in his pulse as it grew faster and harder to the point that the teen almost couldn't breath as he was overcome by his feelings... at least for the moment...

" problem, anytime...," the Crescent Moon said in a daze staring blankly ahead of him. Meanwhile, Georgie the chocobo looked up at the 2 blinking before twittering a few times in Lya's lap as though he wanted to know what was going on.
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- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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