Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1396 times)


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The bird cooed and nuzzled Lya's hands as the teen merely listened to her concerns. Blonde eyebrows furrowed as he listened to her words and a spark of anger flared up again at the mention of Gregor giving her trouble during this difficult time, but he put it out of his mind for the moment. What was more important was this mysterious stalker that she was talking about that was after her. A stalker that Elliot felt that he may have been familiar with...

"It's him...," Elliot thought with a frown, "it's that guy again! Didn't Yggdrasil take care of him before!? He can't be back now!! She can't be right!!!" Elliot started to clench his fist again, but winced from the sting of his wounds. Ironically, the pain cut through his shock and disbelief allowing him to think clearly again.

"No, your wrong Elliot. You have to consider the possibility that he survived," the teen thought as he coolly analyzed the situation. "Remember, you weren't there long enough to see him die, you were to focused on helping Lya escape remember? For all you know, he could've gotten away. Besides, if this was a ll a lie, then Lya wouldn't be this way; she's not so cruel as to do all of this as a joke..."

After taking all of this into consideration, the teen lowered his head a bit swallowing hard as he steeled his resolve. Then, he looked Lya in the eyes and took her hand squeezing it gently. "...don't worry Lya, I believe you. I think I've seen that guy before. I know what he can be capable of..." The teen then braced himself for her reaction. The teen had covered up the fact that he remembered what happened that night in the woods so long ago before, so he was a bit nervous of what Lya would think now that she knew he knew now...

- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




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- Elliot Miyura

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