Author Topic: Chance Encounter ((Semi-open, permission needed; Elyana, Elliot Evening))  (Read 1396 times)


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Many emotions washed over Elliot when he saw Lya. The first was shock and horror. Shock at the fact that Lya could look such a way, shock that she could be in this state at all, and shock that he had seen it. The teen's eyes grew wide as the color drained from his own face. One hand raised weakly towards the woman and he took a step forward wanting to do something, but was afraid to do so for fear of breaking the fragile thing sitting before him.

Next was disbelief. This couldn't be real. It couldn't be happening, but he knew that it was. The cold hard truth was that this was a broken woman sitting before him right now. The teen nearly swooned as he took a step back, one hand drifting up to cover his eyes as he nearly laughed at the absurdity of his all... Nearly...

Finally, was rage. A terrible, frightening rage that bubbled up from his very core that threatened to consume him entirely. At this point, he regained use of his mind as wide, golden eyes darted about beneath the hand covering his face.

"KILL THEM!!! I'll KILL them!!!!" he thought, "I'll KILL the bastards who did this! The LOT of 'em!!! And it won't be quick, I'll make them SUFFER for putting Lya-chan in such a state! There will be NO FORGIVENESS as I rip their entrails out with SURGICAL precision! They'll have no choice but to watch in HORROR do to their new lack of EYELIDS as I pull out and REMOVE their organs ONE BY ONE and DESTROY them before their very eyes erasing ALL CHANCES for survival!!! I'll let them writhe in a slow AGONY...make them WISH for hell because it would be BETTER than what I'll be doing to them!!! I'll  KILL THEM ALL!!! Kill... kill.... KIIIIILLLLL!!!!!"

Elliot blinked, a frantic chirping and a warm, wet feeling in his right hand jolting him out of his thoughts. The teen looked down panting at the panicking baby chocobo at his feet before looking at his right hand, which was shaking and bleeding from 4 puncture wounds in his palms... and 5 more in his face where his nails had dug in. The teen blinked again and looked up at the woman that was turned away, still looking frail. Still looking like she was in need of a hero, not an avenger...

"Ah, that's right. Now's not the time for this...," Elliot thought, and took a deep breath dissipating the thoughts and any dark aura he might've had at that time. Once it was gone, Elliot looked at the woman and put on the gentlest smile he could muster. "Lya...," he said beginning to walk towards her. At this point, the teen may have looked like something out of a horror movie, but if she could feel his emotions again at this point, she would feel that he wanted nothing more at the moment than to help her feel better in any way he could. And she might begin to feel something more at the same time...
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