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Re: Can I Be Your Memory? [closed, night, 8/6]
« Reply #15 on: August 14, 2012, 10:30:49 pm »
She gave a nod, and with a wave of her hands, Kaya re-appeared. She's struck mute, but tears are in her eyes. Lachesis looked at Miles. "When you awaken, you will remember nothing of this night. You will not remember being anything more to Kaya Mitsume than a friend. You will remember nothing of Lorelei, and nothing of what was. The slate is clean." 

Their surroundings changed to once more being in the atrium of the Hall. The two are alone. Kaya doesn't take his hand, her eyes remain cast to the floor. She lifted her head, and in an echo of a memory spoke to him in song. "You don't want baggage without life time guarantees. I should tell you, I should tell you, I've always loved you.

Memories fade into the silence. With hope's last breath, I take this moment here. It will be our last. Then morning breaks, and sunlight takes the pain away. Ever after never came, and I'm still waiting for a life that never was. And all the dreams I lay to rest are ghosts that keep me. After all that I've become, I am only one.

I close my eyes and bleed this empty heart of all that longs to die. When faces lie, and love will fall too, I'm left with only time."
She lifted her hands, one at his head and one at his heart.

"Watching you sleep for so long, knowing that I can't turn the rain into sun anymore. I've given you all that I am. Now I stand here, too scared to hold your hand. Afraid you might wake to see the monster that had to leave. You are everything to me, this is why I have to leave. So, sleep well, my angel.

Under the ash and the lies, something beautiful once here now dies. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
Light glowed from her hands, blinding to the eye, but warm on his face. Slowly, it became less blinding, and he watched the little goddess cry. " I will always love you. Just came to say goodbye love, goodbye."
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