Author Topic: Can I Be Your Memory? [closed, night, 8/6]  (Read 933 times)

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Re: Can I Be Your Memory? [closed, night, 8/6]
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He sighed. "I might as wellstart from the beginning. It started when I came to this school, a couple of months ago. When I met this goddess." He said, looking at Kaya. "We spent a little time together, and then, someone else placed themselves in the story. A swordsman named Haro Masamune. After Kaya met him, it was hard for me to actually talk to her alone, and it was so aggravating.." He said, his eyes closed. "Then, we went to visit a haunted mansion, and that was hell in itself. By then, we had both developed feelings for Kaya, and that suit... it didn't help any.. It showed me that she had feelings for him, and that was manifesting... Everything I saw in that mansion, it was Kaya and Haro..." He said, his voice quavering. "Skip a few days, and we were at the ocean.. They went swimming.. I don't like water much, so I didn't get in.. They..uh....The suit..." He said, tears falling. "It showed me what they were doing...It made me stop them.." He said, letting go of Kaya's hand. His own were balling into fists. "It knew that it would hurt her, and it made me hurt her... Then, there was the roof. I threw the suit, then I went to go find it... Next thing I know, I'm covering my ears..I couldn't hear anything.." He said, freely crying.. "I've always tried to hide from showing my feelings, but now, they're just finding me. I don't know.... I just want to protect her, but I always end up hurting her.." He said, his eyes shut, tears flowing.
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