Author Topic: cake, tea and everlasting love( mika,closed)  (Read 1280 times)

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Re: cake, tea and everlasting love( mika,closed)
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Mika shook softly as Hunter brought up the painful memories, she knew why he had, but still she shook.  Squeezing his hand lightly as he gathered her close.  Turning her gaze up to him she gave the hint of a smile, as one hand played with the bracelet around her wrist.  "Soup and movies....that sounds nice."  her voice was still quiet with a small quiver in it.  Her eyes glimmered for a moment at the mention of a surprise.  "A surprise?"

Shinji's words made it softly through the haze in her mind, but her own emotions kept swirling around in her head.  His oath was heard.  She let Hunter continue to lead her away, she couldn't stop, not like this, not today.
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