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Re: cake, tea and everlasting love( mika,closed)
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Mika's eyes had fallen to the table when Hunter had entered.  The voices of the two barely pass through the fog of her mind.  When the bracelet was tightened and the outside voice shut out, she managed to look up at Hunter when he spoke to her.  Those grey eyes of her cloudy and fragile looking.  Her coat was hung on the back of her chair.  Shaking slightly still she nodded softly.  The roar of her own feelings and thoughts still making processing the world challenging, she spoke quietly.  "Chicken soup sounds good.  Can I eat the soup while we watch the movie?"  Her demeanor bordering on how she would have behaved back in the orphanage when she was younger, something that hadn't been seen in years.

As Hunter squeezed her hand she lightly returned the gesture.  She turned her eyes back to the table, shutting them tightly at the yelling.  Her head hurt as they went back and forth.  Biting her lip lightly she curled slightly in the seat she was in still.  She tensed at the arguing and at Shinji's comments.  The anger between the two was palpable.  Cringing from her thoughts and the tension, she kept her eyes down.
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