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Re: cake, tea and everlasting love( mika,closed)
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Mika tensed slightly as the voice returned.  He wanted to play a game of truths and lies, but her mind was sending red flags.  The voice being the strongest of those.  Her fingers drummed against her leg lightly.  Ask him about following hunter?  She bit her lip lightly.  "Truths and lies huh.  Well what if the lie is easily distinguishable.  Like I am a spy, tracking people.  With these wings of mine I don't stick out in a crowd."  She trained those grey eyes of hers up to him, urged on by the voice she took a breath.  "Have you ever done something like that?  Follow someone in particular?"  She wasn't sure she wanted the answer, but the voice told her to trust her instincts.  She had to ask.  She could feel her mind itself shake, as she fought with her view of shinji from before, and the one in her mind right now, on top of worrying about Hunter.
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