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Re: cake, tea and everlasting love( mika,closed)
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:16:55 am »
Her body continued to show signs of the struggle in her mind.  This city brings truth to light?  Trust her instincts, she couldn't fault the advice, but this was Shinji.  He had never done anything to hurt anyone before.  She had seen him get mad though, and that was always dangerous, but Shinji had never purposely hurt someone before.  Would he really hurt Hunter at his mistress's will.  Could he want to please her that much as to hurt someone he didn't know?  If Hunter was gone, where would she be...alone, lost.  She would lost the one she gave everything up for to bring back.  Even the thought of that, especially at the hands of Shinji, made her quake.  She rubbed a temple lightly trying to dull the pain in her mind as the threads that held the delicate balance of her mind began to strain.  Hearing Shinji's question, she looked at him reading the menu.  "That sounds good....I'll have the same."  she mumbled softly.
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