Author Topic: A picnic somewhere warm [11/20, afternoon, closed]  (Read 2012 times)

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Re: A picnic somewhere warm [11/20, afternoon, closed]
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Ren cursed himself lightly and shook his head, looking away for just a second. "Not If I have anything to do with it." Then, a thought. He summoned a shadow clone. The clone, right next to him, looked at Ren. Ren nodded and the clone stabbed him, a streak of blood forming on the clones arm. He sighed and shook his head again, making the clone a full version of himself. He looked at Bii, and then Homura.

"He will stay with you at all times. Do not let him out of your sight, and do not let yourself get out of his sights. He is there to protect you, and for that purpose only. This is an entirely different person, so he should take orders, unless I don't want him too. Everything he sees, I see, so make sure you behave. Name him whatever you want." He said, giving a half smile.
Name: Ren Nara



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