Author Topic: A picnic somewhere warm [11/20, afternoon, closed]  (Read 1822 times)

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Re: A picnic somewhere warm [11/20, afternoon, closed]
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Bii landed on another branch, completed another set of hand signs which caused her entire right arm to be consumed by crackling streams of lightening, which somewhat resembled a blade. She then propelled herself at the girl, body flickering as she landed on each branch to dodge each fireballs.

A large white spider appeared at the edge of the forest and shot a thin string of web which shot through the forest latching onto Bii's body and pulled her at incredible speed toward Homura. Bii pulled her arm back preparing to thrust the lightening blade directly into the girl's body.
Name: Bii Yamigumo
Age: (Appears to be sixteen)
Gender: Female
Personality: Bii isn't very expressive. She is in fact near autistic. It's difficult for her to relate to others, so she doesn't seek them out. Over all, she lacks empathy. This lack of empathy has caused her to inherit the cynical personality of her late mother. She enjoys creating chaos. Cruelty is a past time.
Bio: Because of the experiments on her when she was a child, Bii is blind. Bii is only able to faintly see the world in shapes and outlines, but people and other living things through the chakra that flows through their body.
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