Author Topic: A House Not Yet a Home [Hunter/Mika, closed, Sweet Sacrifice cont.]  (Read 463 times)

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The warmth in Hunter's hand as he cradled hers made her smile.  A light sigh and a squeeze of his hand accompanied her next response.  "I may have been happy and oblivious, and I may have not remembered you.  I know now that you would have been watching over me.  However there is nothing I regret about having found you.  I don't want to imagine not knowing you, not being able to be here with you."  Her voice soft and honest.

At his last words a soft genuine smile made its way across her lips.  She could feel her heart beat quicken slightly, hearing how he felt.    Her eyes settled on his face, care swirling behind those grey orbs of hers.  The night in the hospital slipped across her mind for a moment, how it had ended.  Ever since she had met Hunter again, she could feel something there.  Something building under the surface.  The fact that she meant that much to him, struck the center of those feelings.  He meant more to her than she knew how to say.  She nibbled her lip lightly, as she watched him.
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