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Mika watched him as he began to speak.  Listening carefully to everything he said, her eyes never left him.  She listened to what his fetters were.  As he handed her the ring, she studied it for a few moments, turning it in her delicate fingers.  The weight of it surprised her slightly, but the fine craftsmanship of the ring was a thing of beauty.  She ran her fingers lightly over the engravings, the initials, the gem, almost as if she was memorizing them.  She handed it gently back to him, knowing it's value to him.

As he continued telling her of the items, she watched him carefully.  Taking note of his manor-isms as he spoke, noticing his hands cupping his glass.  He listed the items, and she nodded softly.  She could see how each of them would be something important to him.  As he closed his she tilted her head lightly, taking a breath as she listened for what the something that they would never be able to lay their hands on.

His last words left her speechless for a moment.  She was the last, she was the thing keeping him here?  The one they could never get?  She let the words sink in.  The time she had spent with him over the past months, she knew he was important to him, but knowing just how important she was.  It took a moment for her to find her words again.  She knew he was avoiding her gaze, but she reached across the table, and placed her hand on top of his. "All this time, I meant that much to you?  I mean, I could tell I was important to you.  You were always there, always protecting me."  She squeezed his hand lightly. 

Ever since he had come back into her life, he had made an incredible impact on her life.  Trying to imagine life without him in it anymore, was painful.  He meant more to her than she could put into words at this point.  She bit her lip lightly, as she focused her grey eyes on him.  "The fact that I mean that much to you.  You know you mean a lot to me, more than I can say.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't stumbled into the hospital that day."
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