Author Topic: A House Not Yet a Home [Hunter/Mika, closed, Sweet Sacrifice cont.]  (Read 485 times)

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Mika listened carefully as he wove the scene for her.  She kept her eyes on him, her hands rested against her lips, silently taking in everything he was telling her.  She nibbled her lip lightly as she processed the information.  "So these vampires, the try to control wraiths, for what purpose?  Is there a reason they were drawn to that hospital?"

Her brow was furrowed slightly as she pondered through her questions. "So these vampires find what keeps a wraith here and that's how they assert their control."   She found her fingers twisting through her hair lightly.  There was one question she really wanted to ask.  She took a soft breath, "Why couldn't they find yours?  Not that I would have wanted someone trying to control you....but what was yours?"  Her grey eyes trained up to his softly.  It was a question she needed to ask.
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