Author Topic: A House Not Yet a Home [Hunter/Mika, closed, Sweet Sacrifice cont.]  (Read 485 times)

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Mika giggled lightly as she heard his stomach respond to the aroma's in the room.  She smiled warmly at him, "I'm glad that it approves.  Now I just hope that it will approve of the flavor as much as the smell."  She pulled out a deep baking dish and prepared it.  As the individual components finished their preparation she set them around on the counter.  Carefully she layered in the ingredients for the right balance as you ate the meal.   Topping it off with grated cheese she set it in the oven to bake.  She closed the door to the oven just as the song she was singing concluded.

She turned back to Hunter while the Moussaka baked.  She sat across from him, watching him movements curiously.  Still taking in him movements, and their subtleties now that he was alive again.  She nodded lightly, a smile playing across her lips.  "I would love to learn about what you know, what you've seen."  She always wanted to know more about him, what he knew, what he'd been through.  It had played at the back of her mind since the night in the closet, when fate had brought her to the hospital.  "Anything you would be willing to share, I would gladly take in as much as I can."
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