Author Topic: A House Not Yet a Home [Hunter/Mika, closed, Sweet Sacrifice cont.]  (Read 463 times)

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Mika enjoyed the walk to the house, not one to push conversation either she took in what he told her about nature.  She smiled lightly at the exterior of the house, it seemed fitting for him.  As he opened the door and invited her in she took note of the ritualness to it.  She was curious.  "The door is protected isn't it?  What does it protect from?"  She asked as they walked through the living room.

As they entered the kitchen Mika's eyes went wide.  "Wow..." she whispered.  She had never seen such a beautiful kitchen.  There were so many ideas that dashed through her head as she took note of the fresh herbs and spices.  She nibbled her lip lightly in thought as she decided what to cook.  She rested her hands delicately on the counter top letting herself feel the flow of the kitchen.  The bit of the chef in her took in the feel of it so she would be able to work to her fullest.  She wanted the meal to be good.
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