Author Topic: Locked room on the second floor  (Read 1179 times)


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Re: Locked room on the second floor
« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2012, 05:34:12 pm »
"dolls rained from the dark covered ceiling. the dolls were various students and teachers. leons were pulling miyako hair while anihes were pulling on miyako clothes. a shinji and jizero opened miyako mouth while a shinkuru pulled on her tongue. cecamorias, kayas and haros were crawling up her legs."
Name: Jester Malcious
Age: 22
Bio: Jester is a great magician who is known for his artisitic, gothic, and dark humorous magic. he goes about the world as his own boss, causing mayhem and misfortune where he sees fit.
ability: magic, transformations, illusions,
Equipment: Deadly Toys, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards

Stats: total 1500(wicked mode stats)
strength- 100(400)
speed- 100(500)
intelligence- 500(100)
energy to use ability- 500(100)
stamina- 100(200)
martial arts skills- 50(100)
equipment skills- 150(100)

Wicked Mode: