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Re: Castle Yard
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oh we could play some more but alas "a portal opened behind miyako without her knowing" my master would not wish it " with a quick movement jester pulled the spear into the ground pulling himself up. jester created a skull shaped energy blast smashing it into miyako stomach and sending her through the portal to oraion" we'll play more later " jester closed the portal and dusted himself off, then disappeared"
Name: Jester Malcious
Age: 22
Bio: Jester is a great magician who is known for his artisitic, gothic, and dark humorous magic. he goes about the world as his own boss, causing mayhem and misfortune where he sees fit.
ability: magic, transformations, illusions,
Equipment: Deadly Toys, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards

Stats: total 1500(wicked mode stats)
strength- 100(400)
speed- 100(500)
intelligence- 500(100)
energy to use ability- 500(100)
stamina- 100(200)
martial arts skills- 50(100)
equipment skills- 150(100)

Wicked Mode: