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Re: Castle Hallways
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"the freya doll whispered into jester ear" im sorry the doll says it doesn't like you "the doll whispered into jester ear again and he laughed" i-i cant say that. it would be rude....funny but rude "the doll continued to whisper in jester ear and he seemed to be having a converstion with it" oh really? wow really? well that was nice of him "jester began walking away talking to the doll ignoring the fact that miyako was still there"
Name: Jester Malcious
Age: 22
Bio: Jester is a great magician who is known for his artisitic, gothic, and dark humorous magic. he goes about the world as his own boss, causing mayhem and misfortune where he sees fit.
ability: magic, transformations, illusions,
Equipment: Deadly Toys, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards

Stats: total 1500(wicked mode stats)
strength- 100(400)
speed- 100(500)
intelligence- 500(100)
energy to use ability- 500(100)
stamina- 100(200)
martial arts skills- 50(100)
equipment skills- 150(100)

Wicked Mode: