Author Topic: Do a Kick, Give a Yell! Shake a... [open, pre kickball game]  (Read 3030 times)


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A woman, bearing quite a bit of resemblance to Kaya, appeared in a shower of blood red petals. Dressed in a short chiton of ivory, she wears a golden girdle at her waist. Her dark ebony hair is loose about her shoulders, and her eyes shift in their color. For now, they sit at a shade that resembles the Aegean shot through with sunlight.

Her golden skin is flawless satin, and she's a tall woman, easily standing near to six feet, though she is built delicate and curvy. Her mode of dress hints at flesh, but does a fantastic job of only being a tease. She has a look of dark mischief on her beautiful face. There is little doubt of who she might be. She seems to command attention. And yet, says nothing.
Name: Brutus Rothchilde
Age: 26
Gender: Male