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O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 06:08:23 am »
"No problem Freya-san, you've earned them. And no offense but is your brother always such an idiotic drama queen?" Elliot asks while he frowns at being called "Erwin" again. = .=

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 06:02:24 am »
Elliot looked at Freya out of the corner of his eyes, "like I'd let him--" he is cut off by the fireball and her threat. Elliot then turns to face her fully and smirks while pointing at her. "Okay, badas.s points awarded!"

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:56:24 am »
"So I've seen...," Elliot replied not looking at Freya. Instead, he took the time to look around the school yard. He started to say something but instead snorted at what Mr. Evan said. "Yeah, REAL mature grandpa...," he mumbled and started laughing under his breath.

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:50:24 am »
Elliot smirked at Mr. Evan but was quickly surprised again by Yukio's voice in his head. At first, he opened his mouth to say something, but he quickly shut it again and looked away from the trio crossing his arms and waiting to be addressed again, although he stubbornly thought, "I bet I could take him..." partially hoping that Yukio would hear him.

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:41:18 am »
"BWAH!!!" Elliot jumps in surprise as another strange person randomly appears from the shadows and he sighs holding his hand over his chest. "This is gonna take some getting used to...," he thought. He then looked up again as Freya introduced herself and looked at her apprehensively. "Yeah, you got that right...," he then blinks at her, "though now i can see why...your a..." he casts a glance at Mr. Evan "...semi-lucky guy Yukio-san..."

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:28:02 am »
At first, he put on a condensending look and opened his mouth to say something offensive, but he then blinks at what Yukio said and scratched his cheek, "I guess I went a little too far then huh? Sorry Mr. Evan... truce?" Again, he didn't look sorry at all, but he grinned sheepishly extending his hand to shake on peace.

((What he was GOING to say before Yukio said that: Elliot blinked at the teacher and his expression changed to a condensending one again, "psh! 'bachelor' huh? that's what sorry old guys call themselves when they cant get a girlfriend! As for that 'Goddess' bit, I'm sure she's great and all but it sounds more like you've got a sister complex to me..."

He then looks at Yukio calmer again with a grin on his face as he points at Mr. Evan, "I see, well then Yukio-san it sounds like you have more to fear from this incest-loving grandpa over here rather than me! How about a truce and we take this rotten teacher down?"

It was too funny so i decided to tell you guys anyway! xD))

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:13:53 am »
The surprises came a bit too fast for Elliot. "Wait... huh? Wha... I WAS JOKING!!!" He finally managed to spit out, then he pointed at Yukio in shock, "WHO THE HE.LL ARE YOU AND WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!?!?" It was the first time he'd seen someone simply teleport so of course, he was shocked.

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:08:02 am »
Elliot's thought process was a little something like this. First thought; "Okay that line was badass, totally stealing it! xD", second thought; "maybe I went a little too far? ^_^;;", and finally, the third thought; "wait, since when can a teacher beat up on a student!?!? >=O"

Elliot quickly stood up straight and turned around stomping his way towards Mr. Evan with a pi.ssed, but still c.ocky look on his face. "You've got balls challenging a student. You know what, I think I WILL kick your ass, and then WATCH as you get FIRED! It's gonna make my expulsion worth it," Elliot then stops a certain distance away from the teacher going into a rough boxing stance. He then getsures for Mr. Evan to come at him. "Make your move, old ma--" He is cut off again by the sudden appearance of a newcomer. He blinked at Yukio twice. "What the f***!?" O___O

O'raion Academy / Re: School Yard
« on: July 29, 2012, 04:53:55 am »
Elliot ran into the school yard as he finally burst out laughing having ran away from the gate BEFORE hearing the teachers threat. He then stopped for a moment doubled over with laughter ad the little payback he'd gotten towards Mr. Evan. "AHAHAHAHA!!! Oh I wish I could've seen his--," his words are cut off as he sees Mr. Evan chasing him with a pissed look on his face from between his legs. "Uh-oh..." O__o

Sign up / Kazuma Edilos & Daemos
« on: July 28, 2012, 01:31:44 am »
Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




Bio: Kazuma was once a being of great power known and feared long before the time of the Shadow of the World. As one of the 5 Divine Lords of his time, his powers were matched only by the other lords. Instead of ruling from on high as they did letting his power and body grow atrophy along with theirs, the lord descended upon the world in order to rule directly. Needless to say, he quickly succeeded in his goals. And despite the terror of his reign, the world ironically attained a state of peace and order, as none would dare to defy the dark lord...

That is, until the other divine lords intervened. Frowning upon Kazuma's actions, his brethren descended upon him engaging him in a battle that nearly destroyed the planet. Unable to stand against the might of all 4 of his brethren on his own, Kazuma eventually fell and was sealed away in a humbled stone tower; all that remained of the great castle that once stood at the heart of his kingdom. The 4 divine lords blessed the tower placing many wards on it in order to keep the dark lord's minions away as they placed a special seal on the lord himself keeping him there. And took away the artifacts that allowed him to wield his devastating power. It was there that the lord remained, fuming, plotting his vengence and awaiting the day that he would return with bated breath. Now, centuries after his betrayal, his return finally draws near... /

Wha... where am I? Who am I? What is this place? There's nothing but darkness here... it feels so welcoming... so inviting... it's swallowing me whole...

There isss another here... sssomeone I know well... he isss also attuned to the dark... he must die! I won't allow him to steal the darknessss!!! No, wait, that isn't right... he issss master... I must ssserve him... it is my job to ssssee him happy... it is my purpossse to see him pleased...

Ability: Complete and utter mastery and control over the forces of darkness and shadows / Shadow melding, manipulation, manifestation, replication, etc...

Likes: Things moving according to plan, people he can trust and count on to get things done / Kazuma's pleasure

Dislikes: Being sealed away, things getting in his way / Kazuma's displeasure

Equipment: An ornate, silver rapier fit for a lord such as himself / Any darkness and/or shadows in it's vicinity can become it's weapon(s).

Spoiler (hover to show)

Stats: 2500 / 2500
strength-                      600 / 200
speed-                        1000 / 500
intelligence-                  400 / 80
energy to use ability-       0 / 1000
stamina-                       100 / 500
martial arts skills-         100 / 0
equipment skills-          300 / 220

Approved Characters / Elliot Miyura
« on: July 28, 2012, 12:36:56 am »
Name: Elliot Miyura

Age: 18
Gender: Male

 (What he TRIES to look like:)

(What he REALLY looks like:)

Bio:     Elliot was a normal, albeit girly-looking, guy in his previous school. Due to his girly looks however, he was constantly harassed by girls that wanted to dress him up like a girl for fun (when he was younger, now they don't approach him due to his bad reputation) and guys that thought he was easy prey (bullys basically). Being surprisingly manly for his looks, he wasn't the type to go down easy, thus he got into numerous fights earning him a reputation as a delinquent. During this time, he discovered his hidden abilities and tried to keep them hidden, only using them when he had to... until a certain incident where he sent a waiter through a wall cuz he'd pi.ssed Elliot off. In the end, Elliot was sent to Oraion Academy by his parents and his previous school in order to learn to better control his abilities and try to redeem himself. All he wants however, is to have a nice, peaceful school life and  to be left alone.

Elliot is also the younger cousin of Gregor and Jessica Nye from a weaker branch of the main clan, thus, is also treated poorly by them due to his lower status. At the same time however, they are still family and he does seem to show a familial love for them as they do for him. One wouldn't really be able to see this fact right away if they were to watch how the family bickers and fights almost every time they come together though. >.>

Abilities: Impact Manipulation (kinetic/potential energy manipulation, basically what he does is he can increase or decrease his own kinetic or potential energy as he sees fit. He can also do the same with a person's, or an object's kinetic or potential energy as long as he is physically touching his target with his own body.), Spirit Manipulation (More like teaming up with various spirits to harness the power of their elements for various purposes.), Advanced Healing
List of Spirts Elliot can team up with:
- Ignis - Fire Spirit - Low Class
- Ventus - Wind Spirit - Low Class
- Aqua - Water Spirit - Mid Class
- Sangre - Blood Spirit - Demon Class
- Yggdrasil - Nature Spirit - Divine Class

Likes: Respect, friendly spars, being allowed to be himself, birds (especially baby or yellow birds), his cousins

Dislikes: Being treated how he looks, bullies, divas, scary places/things, his cousins (it's a tsundere thing. Lol! xD)

Classes: Melee Weaponry 1, Marksmanship 1, Survival 1, Melee Combat 1, Tech Class 1

Clubs/Activities: N/A

Class Rep: N/A (Idk o.o)

Year: 1st Year

Equipment: Double Impact - a pair of gloves given to him by his cousin Gregor that doubles the power of his Impact manipulation.

((basically, when a multiplier is used, it is multiplied again by 2. Which is base strength x amplification level x 2 (gloves) = strength equivalence. For ex: 20 x2 x2 = 80 with the gloves instead of it being 20 x2 = 40 without them. Speed is unaffected by the multiplication of the gloves unless Elliot uses them to launch himself at a target.))

Stats: 305
strength- 30 (can be multiplied in short bursts through use of his ability)
speed- 40 (can be multiplied in short bursts through use of his ability)
intelligence- 40
energy to use ability- 70
stamina- 50
martial arts skills- 60
equipment skills- 20

(Elliot's ability works by increasing or decreasing potential energy in order to increase or decrease damage dealt or received respectively. The way this works is by adding multipliers to his stats for one move (for ex: adding a x2 multiplier to strength for one punch to strengthen it or adding a 1/8 multiplier to weaken it). As we rp, I will specify which multiplier is being used per move in order to clarify how much power is in the move. Below I will list the energy/stamina needed in order to use each multiplier:

** = Strength *** = Speed
x2** & x1.5*** = 2 points/  x3** & x2*** = 4 points/   x4** & x3*** = 10 points/   x5** & x4*** = 20 points/   x6** & x5***= 30 points/   x7** & x6*** = 40 points/    x8** & x7*** = 60 points/    x9** & x8*** = 80 points/    x10** & x9*** = 100 points*

With glove on, his strength is further multiplied by 2 AFTER the initial buff. Speed is unaffected unless Elliot uses the gloves to launch himself at his target. In which case, that gets doubled too. To simplify things in the future, I will state Elliot's new strength and speed levels for that attack as we rp alongside the multiplier used at that time.

Weakening modifiers stack at a rate of x1/10th at the cost of 2 points per post of sustained contact between Elliot and his target and stop stacking once contact between Elliot and his target is broken. Then, the target is weakened by that amount until they finish 1 attack, but his/her strength then returns to normal afterwards. This makes Elliot's draining ability highly impractical. As for why that is, you can figure that out on your own. <:D

Elliot's debuff is also doubled to 1/5th at the cost of 2 points per post of sustained contact with his gloves on making it more practical for use. BWAHAHAAA!!! >:D

*=may be edited later for practicality.

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