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The Witch's House / Re: Whispers In the Dark [closed]
« on: November 17, 2012, 01:18:47 am »
For a moment, nothing happens. Then the blood slowly darkens to near black before fading away like smoke dissipating into the shadows. Again, nothing seems to happen, but then the shadow grows and a voice echos from the darkness. Cool, calm, and noticeably stronger than the last time Aska and the lord had spoken.

"Thou hast arrived," the voice began almost seeming to echo throughout the room, "how goes thy current errand?"

Elliot's eyes widened and blush deepened as he realized, too late, what he had started. He panted as the No Moon whispered in his ear, already beginning to understand what she meant as the forest, vanilla, and rain scents he had slowly been growing accustomed too again began to overwhelm him.

Something inside the teen screamed for him to fold and back off knowing that this wasn't the time, nor place for this sort of game, but the wolf inside him edged him on telling him that this was no time to back down. And with the Crescent Moon's current mood, he chose to listen to the wolf.

Glowing golden eyes and a calm smirking face looked back at Lya as the woman backed away and the teen reached up for the back of his head, smoothly pulling his hairband free letting the golden strands fall to frame his head before he brushed them back out of his way. "I think I get it, but I'm not sure getting it is enough," the teen placed one hand on the ground leaning closer to Lya. His eyes flashed hungrily as they slowly, deliberately lowered to run along the woman's body. Thanks to the memories from earlier that day, they were able to undress the woman quite easily surprising even their owner as they slowly raised, lingering on a few, select spots before returning to her eyes. 

"Perhaps I should practice it a bit. Right here, right now..." said the Crescent Moon, and he placed his other hand on the ground, now crawling slowly towards the woman on his hands and knees. The scent of mountain air, strawberries, and pine needles coalescing with the woman's own forest, vanilla, and rain creating something new as moved inch by inch towards the woman. smiling knowingly the whole time. If she didn't do something soon, then the teen would be right on top of her pinning her down, quite literally. Her move...

Elliot blinked, jerking back from Lya's silly display, but still laughed at it finding this goofy side of Lya surprising, but amusing. He then settled down listening to Lya with a smile on his face, though it slowly faded as his brows furrowed at her words. His wolf instincts would get stronger? And his hunting and tracking skills would improve? Would he become another person as well!?

"Pfft," the teen couldn't even take his last thought seriously and laughed it off in his mind before blinking as he's hit by the subtle implications the last bit of her words implied. Elliot blushes a bit and instinctively hides it away from Lya, but, in a sudden spark of playfulness, he glances up at her shyly and asks, "such as?" The crescent had no idea where the playful spark came from, perhaps from the wolf? In the end, it didn't matter to him as he studied Lya for her reaction to his question.

Dojo / Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
« on: November 15, 2012, 01:51:04 am »
Elliot blinked at Kin with a mixture of gratitude and confusion; he was happy that she was sticking up for him and wanted to thank her, but the way she stuttered at the end of her outburst made him wonder; did she not remember his name!? The teen opened his mouth to ask about this when she walked back towards him, but his vision blurred heavily from his blood loss and he soon found himself face down and unconscious as Kin returned to his side.

The teen's blush deepened as he blinked, caught off guard by the smile before turning away before he could be drawn too far in to that sweet smile, though he did hold her tighter. Thoughts of things way too inappropriate to be done in public were chased from his mind as he searched for the questions he'd had just moments before seeing Lya's sweet smile.

"Hmm... it's hard to find a place to start...," Elliot said as he sat up, his face still slightly flushed, but serious as he thought. After a few moments of thinking in silence, he opened his mouth and began to speak again. " ...everything. Just tell me everything," he says looking down at Lya with a smile.

Approved Characters / Re: Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 14, 2012, 06:50:55 am »
WOOT! Thnx all! xD

"I didn't. I just felt it," the teen replied with a smile closing his eyes as Lya nuzzled into his neck and kissed it. He took another long drag of Lya's intoxicating scent, his mind slowly dulling to a buzz from the high brought on by it and the joy of the days events so far. It had all been so perfect. Almost like a dream. And if it was one, he didn't want to wake up. He zoned out for a moment not really registering that he didn't feel any pain from when the woman's fingers ran along an area where an open wound would be so he didn't realize that he had healed yet, but several other things began to catch his attention.

The Crescent Moon's eyes widened as though he were seeing for the first time. The sights, sounds, smells... all of them suddenly became a lot more acute causing Elliot to squeeze Lya tightly from fear for a moment. However, as Lya explained what was going on (along with how to change back to/stay in human form), the teen gradually relaxed releasing her to do her snuggling thing as he started to run his fingers through her hair to help them both relax.

Elliot enveloped himself in Lya's presence, savoring her and the new connection they had forged for a few moments, until he was calm enough to listen to her words with hooded eyes. Almost as though he were in a trance. Nodding in understanding of Lya's explanations and warnings, the Crescent Moon nodded and, using Lya's presence as an anchor and support, he turned his attention away from her just before she hid her face to take a fresh look at his new world.

" your right," he said incredulously as a smile crept across his face, then he looked back at Lya and blinked at the redness he saw peeking out between her raven hair. "Lya-chan? Is everything okay?" He asked softly stroking the hair aside to see her more clearly. He had just gotten his new senses so he had yet to learn how to read a person's heart, though he blushed slightly too almost as if in resonance with the No Moon in his arms.

The Crescent Moon blinked freezing from the new info as Lya snuggled into him. He hadn't thought about changing back at all for multiple reasons, not the smallest of which was the thought that he would change back automatically after a set amount of time. That or with minimal effort on his part.

The revelation of this new information was enough to send a cold shiver down the wolf's spine, and the teen nearly panicked until Lya gave him her hint. The wolf blinked, and slowly relaxed as he fixated on a certain thought. A few moments later, a hand stroked Lya's cheek as Elliot smiled at her, back in human form.

"This," he says and pulls her into an embrace deeply inhaling the woman's scent as he nuzzled her gently. "I can't hold you like this if I don't have arms, right?" He said smiling.

Sensing Lya's weakness, the Crescent moon pounced... straight into a tree. A loud crack followed by a yelp came from the wolf as he completely overshot his intended target and slammed head first into a tree. The drawback of having a new body; not understanding it's strength. Another yelp as the golden wolf fell to the ground followed by whimpering as he flailed about in pain on his back.

If Lya kept running, then she would regain some ground while the wolf recovered, and gotten a free laugh out of it as Elliot rolled to his paws and took off after her again, this time a bit more wary about how much power he used and when as he started trying to get used to his new body. Once he catches up again, the teen will go all-out, blasting past the fatigued midnight wolf skidding a head of her to cut her off and, hopefully, cause her to slow down making his pounce a bit gentler for her as he pins her down and licks her muzzle. "Got you!" The Crescent Moon's eyes would say as his tongue lolled, finally revealing his own canine grin.

If she waits for him to get up, then Elliot will roll onto his paws, but stay hunched on the ground panting a bit on instinct as he looked at her with eyes that blushed in embarrassment since his face no longer could. The Crescent Moon would then nip at whatever part of Lya was closest to him and show his own canine grin as if to say, "got you!"

Elliot grits his teeth as they grow into fangs and his nails grow into claws. His hair grows more wild, fluffy even as he continues to chase Lya. After a while, he begins to pant, slowly growing exhausted just to keep up with Lya's lithe form as he tries to chase her down. Others may have given up long ago, submitting to the fact that a human form, though enhanced, had little chance of keeping up with a wolf. Yet, Elliot pressed on, sweat running down his face and beginning to stumble as he gasps for breath.

"Tch!!!" A sucking of the teeth. The sound of a tearing shirt; it was constricting him restraining his breathing. He glared down at his pants, they were too tight in the places that mattered. They were restraining his speed. Yet there wasn't much that could be done about that. Fury welled up in Elliot for a moment, but he shook his head to press it down. However, that one lapse in concentration when your performing high-speed parkour maneuvers can mean the difference between success, or epic failure...

The teen blinked as he tripped. For him, it almost seemed to happen in slow motion; a fallen branch had snagged his foot as he shook his head. Unable to correct for it, the teen soon found himself flying through the air. Many thoughts and emotions sprinted through his head at that moment; Confusion at what had happened, disbelief that it was happening, anger that he was going to fail, and finally acceptance of the failure and a "better luck next time..."

However, something happened in that moment; he saw Lya. It was just a glimpse, but it was all he needed to remind himself of why he was doing this and what it would mean to fail so miserably. He wracked his mind for some type of plan he could come up with, something to get out of this, but nothing came to mind. Instead, it came from somewhere else. Somewhere deep within Elliot. Somewhere a bit more... natural...

The Crescent Moon smiled at that moment. Though if it was pointed out to him later, he would say he didn't remember doing it. His eyes glowed a bright gold as he landed on all fours. His body erupted in a bright, yellow flash that hid him from view, then out streaked a yellow wolf, his fur as golden as his eyes as he quickly darted across the ground, eyes narrow, yet playful as he dashed, now confidently closing the gap between him and his quarry; the playful, coy, and sweet smelling midnight wolf that was, until now, out of his reach.

Approved Characters / Re: Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 09, 2012, 12:28:40 am »
Okay, edited. What do you think?

Approved Characters / Re: Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:43:59 pm »
Valid points all around. As you can see, I REALLY did my research when I made this guy. Only 2-3 of his spells are spells that I made up. Lol! xD

Good point about about the keyblade. I'll think of a downside for it and fill it in momentarily. As for his abilities, I know it seems like a lot, but when you look at it, Ryuuga only uses 3 things; a keyblade, a gunblade, and fire-based magic spells. but I'll admit, it's overwhelming, so I'll cut out a lot of his magic. I won't write down the weaker ones that he'll just do (things like fire strike and fire dash) and cut out some of his stronger spells altogether to chop this guy down to size. That oughta make this guy more fair right? ^_^

Approved Characters / Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 08, 2012, 05:16:53 am »
Name: Ryuuga Sakamoto

Age: 18
Gender: Male


Limit Form:

Bio: Ryuuga was a great keyblade wielder and one of the combatants in the legendary keyblade war. He fought valiantly, even after his armor was completely destroyed, until he was struck by a warp spell that banished him from the battlefield to the world of Oraion Academy. Upon arriving at the school, Ryuuga tried to return to his own world first. However, since this happened before the invention of the gummi ship and the armor that allowed him to survive in the space between worlds was destroyed, he found that he was stranded, even though he found the lock to Oraion's door and opened it to allow travel to and from that world.

In the end, Ryuuga stayed at Oraion and attended classes. Eventually maxing out his skill with his keyblade and sealing it away within himself as he moved on to a new weapon; the gunblade. Though in the process, he created a Limit Form where he could once again access his old skills if need be. After 3 years at the academy, the young man went out to explore the world and get to know his new home, thus, he has yet to complete his fourth year of schooling. Now, he has returned to finish what he started at the school and see how things have changed in the years since he'd left.


Blazing Gunner - His default style; he combines the explosions of the gunblade and explosive/fire magic to gain devastating results in battle.

- Gunblade Only:
-- Rough Divide - The user fires the gunblade away from the opponent riding the recoil to deliver a devastating slash to the opponent upon reaching them.
-- Fated Circle - The user spins in a circle surrounding themselves with pulsing energy orbs that can reflect incoming weak magic attacks before pulling the trigger to detonate them and blasting back anything that's too close.
-- Blasting Zone - The user extends the gunblade into the air as a pillar of energy extends from it greatly lengthening the blade, then the weapon is swung down slaming the energy into a target and blasting them into the ground.
-- Revolver Drive - A piercing attack where the gunblade is charged with energy and stabbed into the opponent. The opponent is then pushed back through the environment for 3 posts ((Though the user can end it early if they wish)) taking continual damage until the trigger is finally pulled launching them away in the resulting explosion.

- Default spells:
-- Fire - Fires a basic fireball at the foe that explodes on contact.
-- Fira - Fires a more powerful fireball at the foe that makes a bigger explosion on contact.
-- Firaga - Fires a large fireball at the foe that explodes like a room-destroying bomb on contact.
-- Fire Circle - Creates 3 basic fireballs to revolve around the user.

Limit Form - In this drive form, Ryuuga's sealed keyblade is released along with much of the magic that was sealed with it. He also gains access to command styles that further augment his abilities and arsenal of skills if he fulfills the conditions required for him to activate them.

- Base Style - Has all skills he did with his default style, but with the addition of the following:
-- Fission Firaga - launches a firaga that explodes in a less powerful explosion than the original spell, yet has a larger blast radius to increase the potential of cathing other targets in the blast. Works best in group battles.
-- Mine Square - Surrounds the user with rows of mine-like traps that explode when touched. Once triggered, they stun the opponent for a short time (1 post) leaving them open to further attacks (as long as they're quick).
-- Fire Surge - The user dashes forward as a ring of fire orbits them damaging any foes in their path.
-- Firaga Break - Focuses the power of a firaga into a weapon and slams it full force into a target for more focused, yet still devastating results.
-- Firaga Burst - Fires a Firaga into the air which then fires multiple fireballs down onto the battlefield.

- Firestorm - Activated by landing 3 fire-type attacks. The user becomes cloaked in flames and every attack becomes a Fire Strike. The user also moves at a slightly faster pace ((Speed x1.5)) and leaves a trail of fire behind them whenever they perform a quick maneuver. If the user does not land 3 more attacks before 5 posts are up, then they will revert back to their base form. The user of this form is limited to the following spells:
-- Firaga - (See above)
-- Fire Surge - (See above)
-- Fire Circle - (See above)
-- Triple Firaga - The user rapid fires 3 slightly homing firagas at their opponent dealing high damage to them if they hit, BUT the spells are slowed down in order for them to home in on their target better, thus, making the skill easy to block/avoid if the target takes reliable cover.

- Burning Impulse - One of Ryuuga's unique command styles activated after landing 3 hits while in the Firestorm command style. It looks similar to Terra's Dark Impulse, but with flames covering his arm instead of darkness. His fighting style becomes more firece like the flames that he wields and has all the abilities and spells of the Firestorm style along with the addition of gliding, increased speed and power ((Strength and Speed x2)), Ryuuga's most powerful fire spells, and a grand finishing spell to end the command style. Lasts 5 posts.
-- Fire Glide - Allows the user to travel long distances in the air with a firey aura around them that burns anything that gets too close.
-- Flash Burn - Once Burning Impulse ends, Ryuuga WILL end with this spell if able. In a combination of Firestorm's finisher and Dark Impulse's finisher, Ryuuga floats into the air for a moment before plunging his keyblade into the ground landing in a kneeling position. A large area of the ground around Ryuuga will then begin to glow before erupting into a blast of flames devastating the area and anyone caught within it as the blast goes off. Once the blast is over, Ryuuga will stand, back in his base Limit Form and likely revert to his normal form with the gunblade as if his target is hit by this, it will likely K.O. them if not kill them unless they have a pretty strong barrier to endure the blast. However, there is time to escape the skill as it takes 2 posts ((One to initiate the spell, the next to charge the ground with energy)) to do the skill and Ryuuga cannot do any other attacks within that time. Interrupting the attack is only possible before the keyblade is lodged into the ground by deflection. However, this will cause the energy to be released in a large blast in the direction that the keyblade was deflected in so if you choose to do this, then proceed with care. Once the keyblade has been plunged into the ground, it will be sealed there until the spell is complete.

Burning Valor Form - Not so much of a transformation as it is specialized dual-wielding. Ryuuga trades the ability to use most of his spells and skills in order to wield his keyblade and his gunblade at the same time. However, the keyblade is wreathed in an explosive energy that compliments the gunblade's fighting style making for a quick and dangerous combination that is sure to send any unwary opponent flying ((Speed x3)).

Likes: Relaxation, exploration, enjoying the good times while they last, making new memories, a challenge in battle every now and then.

Dislikes: Thinking about his past, anything involving keyblades (because they bring up his past), annoyances that won't leave him be when he wants to relax.

Classes: N/A

Clubs/activities: N/A

Class Rep: N/A

Year: 4

Equipment: Gunblade (Classic), Keyblade (Custom design, I call it the Ninetails. By trading some of his physical strength, it has the ability to increase his mana pool for spell casting when he uses it ((Energy to use Ability x2, Strength x1/2)) )

Stats: 800
Strength- 100
Speed- 100
Intelligence- 100
Energy to use Ability- 200
Stamina- 80
Martial Arts Skills- 60
Equipment Skills- 160

Elliot's eyes glowed golden along with his body and he smirked leaning forward to give chase as Lya scampered off, but then he blinked, stopping himself before he used the energy to launch himself after her. "Ah, wait... I'd better do this right," he muttered to himself and focused the energy into his hands. "Okay...," he said and braced himself. Then, he began clapping ((strength x2 = 60)).

A booming clap echoed through the forest surprising some of the animals that may have been nearby, but the teen continued to glow. Glow, focus energy, clap, glow, focus energy, clap... the teen repeated the process over and over again as a booming applause filled the woods around him. The clapping fulfilled 2 purposes: 1; it was good timing practice for rapid impact assaults, and 2; it expended his impact energy, which Elliot believed would make him more likely to shift as he wouldn't be able to rely on it.

Once all of the energy was gone about a minute later, the teen doubled over panting gritting his teeth. "Tch! She must have a huge head start by now in that form. Maybe I should've cheated a little to close the distance?" After having the thought, the teen shook his head rejecting the idea; he knew this was something he couldn't cheat his way out of. Then, the teen took a deep breath, and tried to focus on his instincts.

Golden eyes scanned his surroundings for any sign of the wolf's presence. His ears twitched straining to sort out the sounds brought to him on the wind. His nose sniffed at the air sorting out Lya's scent from the rest intermingling with it. His body felt her presence as she felt his as he slowly locked onto her and his body began to glow white.

Now focused with nothing else in his way, it didn't take Elliot long for him to figure out where Lya was. "There!" He said to himself glancing at the direction Lya went in with shinning, golden eyes. The teen then dashed off after Lya at a pace nearly twice as fast as his usual running pace as he dipped, dodged, and hurdled trees, bushes, and shrubbery in order to close the gap as fast as he could.

Elliot entered the area jogging to a halt before doubling over and panting shortly afterwards. It would seem that he had ran the whole way here after he'd left the dorms! Once he'd caught his breath, the teen looked up at Lya smiling as he pulled a hair tie from his pocket and tied his hair back into his signature ponytail to keep it out of his face. Then he slowly walked up to the woman with his hands in his pockets.

"Ready," he asked smiling big.

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