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Name:Zero Akashiya
Age: 16

Bio: At first Zero seems to be a seriously dense person but that's not the case. He is a very kind and honest person. Growing up Zero only had his mom because his father disappeared not long after he was born,along with his big brother Kaiser. Since Zero only had his mother he was a little lonely until he started school and met Dante Fydoe. Him and Dante were the best of friends, you could even call them brothers. One day while Zero and Dante were going-over to Zero's house one late afternoon,Zero couldn't shake the feeling that they were  being followed. When they arrived at Zero's house they spot Zero's mom bringing in groceries. Suddenly the shadowy figure that was trailing them revealed itself! It was a demonic looking man that emited a demons pressure. He quickly grabbed Zero and without words drew a long red blade. Seeing this Zero's mother spring into action with great speed and tried to break Zero free with a barrage of strikes to the man but to no avail. Then Zero's eyes changed into a light-blue color with a narrowed iris. He grew small fangs and a bluish-purple aura surrounded him. With a strong burst of aura Zero broke free and blasted the demon back. The demon fled, never to be seen again.
Zero collapsed and awoke to his mom and Dante standing over him. Confused Zero asked what had happened and how did he get that power. Dante looked at her as if to say-you have some explaining to do. Zero's mom explained how she is a Vampire while Zero's dad is a Ice Yokai/ Ghoul, making Zero 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Ice Yokai, 1/4 Ghoul, and 1/4 human. She explained that his powers weren't supposed to come till many years later. Aslo since they were used so eary he would have a much harder time controling his vicious Ghoul and Vampire nature.
Zero decided to train himself so he would'nt hurt anyone. For that reason he came to Oraion. Zero is pretty calm-cool and collected and can handle a stressful situation. He handles criticism well and see's it as a chance to better himself. When Zero gets into his training he can be oblivious to those around him. Zero often goes to cemeteries to relax himself. Other places he can be found are: cold places, small areas at midnight,and water regions. You'll know when Zero is around because he emits super chilled air- dropping the temperature significantly.

ability: can create ice creatures, summon blizzards, manipulate ice, freeze things, flight, bursting aura, vampiric powers, ghoulish powers, summon demons

Likes: Swords,blood,dragons,snow,art,j-pop,k-pop,parkour,honest people,people who aren't afraid to be themselves,video games,anime,goggles,manga, cemeteries, bats

Dislikes:tofu,cats,people who mess with his friends,skates,shy people,people who arent honest with themselves,untidy areas or things,hot places and things

Classes: to be decided


Class Rep:
Equipment:double edged assassin sword,a rosary that transforms into a demonic blade, a pen that changes into a billard cue, a skateboard, goggles, bat keychain

Stats: total 400
energy to use ability-10
martial arts skills-100
equipment skills-30

Ice-Vampire-Ghoul Demon Transformation:http://