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"a leons voice came from behind elliott now, leon seemed to be sitting on darkness with his legs crossed. the image elliott was following faded into the darkness" correct but the chaos power is not what is causing this. the power of chaos can only harm and destroy. not manifest illusions or trickery. this is the result of my vampiric abilities. the kyo family is one of the first vampire races known to man "leon placed a halting hand in the air" yes we can cross running water, and no. sunlight, garlic, and hholy water dont work

"leon shook his head" i didn't do anything funny to you. i merely waned to know if you take the time to know your enemy "leon was behind him now, pacing in a circle" for instance did you take into count what i had told you about me "the scenery grew pitch black. the only things able to be seen are the wolf, leon, and elliott"

"leon smiled slyly" how well do you know your opponents? "leon crossed his arms"

"leon weaves and blocks through the flurry of blows, watching elliott carefully" your moves...... seem very familiar "as a punch skidded across leons cheek he saw his opening. leon swung his left fist delivering a poweful kidney shot that would cause elliott to become disoriented. immediately leon begins his own combo. focusing more on precise aim and power with each hit aiming for vital points(kidney,lungs etc.). the the disorientation would stop elliott from keeping up with the fluid combo. leon ended the combo a downward uppercut knocking elliott through the air floor and down to another"

"leon punched elliott in the face, stopping his advance cold" a random charge? " leon dropped to a knee and flipped elliott over his shoulder and onto the invisible ground in the air, holding his wrist in a submissive way"

"leon smiled and placed his arms behind his back" lets begin "leon kicked elliott off the mountain, but instead of falling from the cliff, elliott floated in the sky" I am Leon Chase. son of ankoku kyo. grandson of Shaddai Kyo, founder of Kurai Shima the forbidden island "leon walked onto the air. if the wolf wished the follow, he could at anytimes" i am known to many as the chaotic knight, i wield the unnatural and unstable power of chaos. if you wish to learn what i know....come at me and bring your all

and what do you plan on learning? "leon looked toward the wolf and raised an eyebrow" hmmm

and what might you want? "leon never looked down to elliott, he kept his eyes closed"

O'raion Mountains / deep into the mountains [leon, 10/2, open, afternoon]
« on: October 02, 2012, 11:10:36 pm »
"leon stood on a cliff looking down into the forest of oraion. he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, simply waiting. but what for"

Approved Characters / Re: Elyana Romanov
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:34:17 pm »
seems ok to me. what you making a new character for?

O'raion Forest / from chaos to glory [leon, 8/18, open, night time]
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:25:43 pm »
"leon stands surrounded by dead monsters. heat waves rise from his body as he inhales and exhales. nothing is left of his shirt, his battle scars from long ago are open to the world to see. a scar running from his chest to his ribs, a training session gone wrong when he went to oraion. a large scar that covers his whole back, his first encounter with a God other than his father. so many memories etched in his skin, but yet he never complains. he merely sees them as trophies of a job well done. a job of surviving and learning. leon begins to walk  looking up at the crescent moon"

O'raion Mountains / Re: Mountain Cave
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:15:01 pm »
"leon sat and thought for a while" takashi take hoshi home "leon snapped and chains wrapped around hoshi markings glowed on the chains" dont worry takashi these chains wont break. place  her in her room and place this seal on the house "leon snapped again and a bat appeared carrying a talisman." this talisman is from the old days. it was a promise to humans and others that a vampire wouldnt bite them. by placing this on the door anyone who enters the house cannot and will not be bitten.

alright guys. has teams been picked? "leon tossed the ball into the air as he talked"

sure. mmore the merrier "leon put the balls away" go see the captains and they'll decide what teams your on

"leon jumped at kayas yelling" THAT WASN'T ONE OF MINE!! I DON'T KNOW WHO PUT IT IN HERE "leon continued going through the bag"

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