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Approved clubs / Club: The Book Club
« on: March 02, 2013, 08:57:52 pm »
Name: The Book Club
Description: A casual club that isn't focused on who is the strongest what magical talent they happen to be endowed with. It's a gathering place of information and rumors, possibly of what might be really going on. That believes knowledge is power. Especially, that of the forbidden kind.
Club Leader: [Unknown] Is there one? I could of swore there was a club leader. You just missed him...
Club Lieutenant: Geist
Members: [Awaiting applicants]
Club Logo/Flag:

Penny for your thoughts / Suggestions! [Now with Poll]
« on: March 02, 2013, 07:49:02 pm »
Mind you these are just suggestions:

  • How about putting personality in character profiles?
  • I'm not sure if it's just me, but the massive signatures are a tad annoying. Could we put them in spoiler tags?
  • How about a bit of clean up on forum, with capitalization on the titles and descriptions. I'm not a nitpicker, but still... There are those who find that sort of thing a turn off.

Chat it up / So, hello there folks.
« on: March 02, 2013, 05:08:40 pm »
Browsing around, it seems I might of joined in at the end of this place's life cycle. Either that, or there is far too many nay-sayers. Is that so?

The knee-high grass waved in a light breeze whistled and tickled the tips of their stocks. Various large rocks and stones were the only other feature that dotted the area other then the overabundant common flora. Geist sat on one such rock with legs crossed, humming some off-tune melody to himself while scanning over the vast landscape.  Having free time on his hands, it would deem this to be worth while venture to add to his own stock or make some new discoveries. It seemed like this would be a decent place to start gathering alchemical ingredients of flora or if luck would deem it fauna too.

Boys Dorm Rooms / Room #404
« on: March 01, 2013, 04:26:55 pm »
   Outside the door to the room is a lopsided LED sign with the name of the room's owner. Just above a yellow sign that dangles off via razor wire, with a following warning.

Public Safety Notice
If you find a dead body outside in the hallway, notify inside resident for first dibs.

 Once pass the the padlocks that hold back the door and the chains pushed off to one-side.  Inside the entire room is bathed in a dull neon green glow of a monitor, only changing up with by the random scanline. Various shelves are stocked with nick-nacks; a few electronic parts, scrapes, multicolored wires and medical curiosities floating in various off-color liquids. Against the far wall in a dark corner sits an unmade bed, all of it's covers bunched up into a single spot and a single towel hanging off the head of the bed with the emblem of a single eye. Thick electrical cords run under the carpet, almost like the room's own bio-organic veins. On a oaken coffee table sits  assorted mugs of sizes and colors. Florescent green graffiti of a few eyes in different levels detail line the walls, following the occupants where they roam within the confines of the room.

Approved Characters / Geist
« on: February 28, 2013, 08:11:17 pm »
"My, how interesting..."
Name: Geist
Age: Seventeen
Spoiler: Large picture warning (hover to show)
A facetious smile almost permanently carved into his mouth on his pale face. One of this trademark features other than his jade almost bio-luminance green eyes. His attire starting from his head and downwards consists of; Firstly his head is adorned with a dark green beret that has a tendency of slumping to the right, that hides the majority of his silvery hair and has a light green counter-wise swirl on the very top.  The frames of glasses almost blending in perfectly with his hair. His neck his met with a silvery chain that has a single jet black hexagonal stone charm attached. The upper wear was a forest green vest with the same swirls one above the right breast and the other left of his navel. Under is a flowing sleeved shirt a few tones lighter than the vest and ending with golden buttons at the ending cuffs. His pants were a generic with the same color as the vest with two spirals at the knee caps each in different directions. Finally his caffs were met with black jack boots.

Bio:A very well-adjust misanthrope, seeing as he usually adapts to moving to one place to another after years of doing so. Not suffering a tragic fate or various hardships, simply there was little left for him. All and all just minor stepping stones on the way to possibly a greater fate that might of been in store for him. Now it seemed to be a blessing of serendipitous fate to join up with O'raion Academy, maybe just to sate his unending taste for knowledge and information. 
Ability: An skill for picking up quickly learning topics, hasten regeneration, longevity.
Likes: Relaxation, tea, anything mint flavored, quiet, dark-humor, science and anything that could be considered forbidden or lost knowledge.
Dislikes: Overtly loud people, crass behavior, wastefulness, those who get in his way of pursuits and eggplants.
Classes:(total of 5) Technology 1, Science lab 1, Melee Weaponary 1, supernatural/demonology 1 and Survival 1.
Clubs/activities: (N/A)
Class Rep: (Currently unkown)
Year: First Year
Equipment: Monofilament wire and miniature laptop.

Stats:  Total - 200
Strength- 20
Speed- 20
Intelligence- 90
Energy to use ability- 15
Stamina- 15
Martial arts skills- 15
Equipment skills- 25

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